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Records * Cars * Pictures * Books * Salesmen's Samples * Boats * Antiques

Rent just the size room you need by the month!



There are 5 sizes of rooms available at AA Self Storage. The smallest is a 5' x 10' room that would mainly be used for small item and box type storage. The next size up is a 10'x 10' square room, the next is a 10' x 15' then a 10' x 20', and the largest is our 10' x 30' room. Our larger sizes can accomodate a household full of furniture and belongings in a clean, dry and secure room. The rooms have cement floors and have drywalled walls and ceilings. All sizes of rooms are accessed by overhead garage doors that have a spot for your own personal padlock on them. This provides you with a secure room that you and only you have access to since you can use your own personal padlock. If you do not own a padlock, we have them available in our office. Please phone John at 455-7040 for current availablility and pricing.


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